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Scott Riggins

It was on a pilgrimage to Medugorje, that I Consecrated myself  to Our Lady. After going to holy confession

I would not return home the same person!

That year I continued to return to Medugorje, and after many pilgrimages, felt the call to religious life.

I discerned with the Franciscan brothers minor, and went on my 1st visit to the

Religious order and continued to a second visit.

On that 2nd visit I felt  there was something else, so I knew I needed to go on a personal pilgrimage back to

Medugorje to discern. That was a journey for 2 1/2 months, and while there on discernment, I felt in my heart to bring pilgrims in a special way, to this holy place. 

Sharing my experience with Josip Elez, who is like a brother, is when everything fell into place.

After speaking with my spiritual director, we started to bring Pilgrims,

which brings us to how we established travel agency.

Due to Covid, pilgrimages and travel were almost impossible to organize. Josip then suggested if I would

be willing to help locals sell their products.

That is how we started with Medjugorje Now! Through much prayer and much sacrifice, the journey begins.

Praise be Jesus, Mary and Joseph now and forever!

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