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Josip Elez

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Medjugorje and Our Lady’s messages are my life. I have been living in Medjugorje my whole life, and having a mother who is a visionary was very challenging, especially when I was a teenager… To always be at the pilgrims’ disposal was not something I had wanted for my life, but after spending a few years abroad, I felt deep within my heart what my mission is and what I’m called to do! From then on, I was living in Medjugorje working as a guide, helping pilgrims and allowing the pilgrims to help me… It was dream! Then COVID hit. All pilgrimages were suspended! Seeing the parishioners who were forced to leave their homes to work abroad was heart breaking! I came upon the idea to export goods from Medjugorje to the US by selling on-line. Together with my family and friends who supported the idea in various ways, we were able to make the idea a reality. God willing, things will get better and our mission will become successful in many ways! Thank you for your support. It means so much for our family!

God bless you!

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