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Parents have shared the gift of human life with their children and, through Baptism, have enriched them with a share in God's own life. They have the duty to nourish it.

Saint Benedict

St. Benedictine cross is one of the most powerful signs of divine protection.

The inscriptions on the St.Benedict medal are explained as follows:

  • PAX – meaning “Peace”,

  • C S P B – meaning “The Cross of [our] Holy Father Benedict”

  • C S S M L – “May the holy cross be my light!”

  • N D S M D – meaning “May the dragon never be my overlord!” or “Let the devil not be my leader.”

  • V R S – meaning “Begone Satan!” or “Step back Satan”

  • N S M V – meaning “Never tempt me with your vanities!”

  • S M Q L meaning “What you offer me is evil.”

  • I V B – meaning ”Drink the poison yourself!”

Children Praying


To raise little saints? Teach your kids to pray.

“The family that prays together stays together”

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