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Day 6 - June 29, 1981 - Feast of Sts. Peter and Paul

Updated: Jun 28, 2021

With day six arrived the Feast day of St. Peter and St. Paul. As is the custom of the village on the feast days, it is a day in which no one works; it is celebrated by going to the Church and visiting family.

As the visionaries were preparing to go to Mass, two vehicles showed up at the door-to escort them to see doctors in Mostar. It was a frightening experience as all six children were crammed into an ambulance and parents and guardians were stuffed into the second car. Vicka, in relaying the incidence to her confessor said, “…agony and grief, my dear Father! They opened the door to the ambulance, and told us to get in… What can I do? ‘Might does not ask God for permission’ an expression I heard many times from my grandmother. Get in and that was it!”

They were brought to the neuropsychiatric department of Mostar hospital where Dr. Mulija Dzudza, a professional psychiatrist was ready to examine them, in a second attempt by the authorities to have them diagnosed as mentally ill. The experience was not pleasant and it upset the children. In the midst of the examination, they were brought down to the mortuary and the interrogation was continued there, but in the end they passed every test and were declared sound in mind and body. In fact Dr. Dzudza stated before they left that, “It’s the people who brought you here who must be insane. There’s nothing wrong with you.”

Mirjana was badly shaken from the experience and confessed to Fr. Tomislav Vlasic that, “‘…it had been like being in prison or shut up with mad people.’ When I asked her if she’d go up to the hill again, she said she very much doubted it: ‘If they question me once more, I’ll have a nervous breakdown.’” And yet that very evening Mirjana did return to the hill. Fr. Tomislav took her to task later for her inconsistent testimony, to which she replied, “When it came to the point, nothing and no one could have stopped me. The question of whether or not I should go simply didn’t arise.”

The visionaries had arrived back home around 2:00 pm but there was no rest for them. The crowds were larger than ever, and gathered around their houses so that they could hardly move. It was hot and everyone wanted to know and hear directly from the seers their experiences. After the morning they had had, none of them were too eager to talk. The time of the apparition came around quickly, but again they faced having to squeeze through the momentous crowd gathered on all parts of the hill. And again, it was Marinko and the village men who guided them through by making a path to the site of the apparition. As yesterday, the children came with many questions.

The visionaries wanted to know if the Gospa was happy to see so many people present.

“More than happy.”

They asked, “How long will you stay?”

“As long as you will want me to, my angels.”

They questioned Our Lady about Her expectations about those who came despite the heat and brambles.

“There is only one God, one faith. Let the people believe firmly and do not fear anything.”

“What do you expect of us?” the visionaries inquired.

“That you have a solid faith and that you maintain confidence.”

The visionaries wanted to know if they would be strong enough to endure persecutions because of their beliefs.

“You will be able to, my angels. Do not fear. You will be able to endure everything. You must believe and have confidence in me.”

On the mountain that night was a doctor by the name of Drinka Glamuzina, working for the government. She made her way to Vicka and asked if she could touch Our Lady. Vicka said, “We asked the Virgin, and the Virgin said: ‘There have always been Judases who don’t believe, but she can approach.” The doctor approached and touched the Virgin. Vicka had taken hold of her hand and directed it to the left shoulder of Our Lady. The visionaries testified that she immediately stepped back, and then melted in the crowd. Vicka said about the doctor, “She said nothing in front of the people. Later she stopped at our house and before all declared that when she touched Her she felt some sort of tingling through her hand.”

It was in this apparition that they presented to Our Lady, for the first time a sick person and asked Our Lady to heal him. He was a boy by the name of Daniel Setka.

“…His father held him in his arms. The little boy looked very ill. He hung his head on his father’s left shoulder. The father pleaded and prayed to the Virgin that She cure him, and he asked us to pray and ask the Virgin to help the boy… We asked. In fact, I was the one who asked. She, the Virgin, looked upon the boy. Tenderly, tenderly…And She said, ‘Have them believe strongly in his cure. Go in the peace of God.

And then, once again, even after this long day, the crowds from the mountain descended upon the homes of the Visionaries. Vicka later told Fr. Jozo:

“We were shouting at the top of our voices from Marinko’s terrace, telling the crowds everything Our Lady had said to us, over and over again. They wouldn’t leave us alone till long past eleven. They just wouldn’t go home.”

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